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Instructions After Hip Replacement



Walking is important to regain your strength. You may put full weight on your operated leg unless advised otherwise. You may advance from walker/crutches to a cane and then to no support as you feel secure.

Most patients are able to drive 4-6 weeks after surgery, when they are walking with a cane.

Most patients will have home physical therapy arranged at time of discharge to help them with their exercises and walking. As you walk more, you will gain strength and confidence.

Patients with hip replacements are at risk for dislocation, and flexion greater than 90 degrees or excessive internal/external rotation of your hip must be avoided to minimize the risk of dislocation.

It’s OK to shower when your incision has stopped bleeding, usually 5-7 days after surgery. After showering pat dry and apply clean, dry dressing.

Swelling of your leg is common after surgery. This is usually noted in the first days at home after surgery when patients have a tendency to sit more with their legs dependent. To decrease swelling, we recommend that you a) wear your support stockings when up during the day for the first month after surgery. They may be removed at night when you are lying down; and b) Elevate your legs on a footstool, or, if necessary, lie down and elevate your legs.




Notify your doctor if there is a change in you incision, such as increased bleeding or drainage. Your staples will be removed approximately 10-14 days after surgery at your first office appointment.