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Elbow injuries


Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a painful condition caused by degeneration and inflammation of tendons on the lateral (outside) aspect of the elbow. The injury can be brought on by repetitive motion or sometimes by acute injury. The pain is usually at its worst during use, especially when gripping strongly or picking up heavy objects. Non-surgical treatment with ice, ant-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), and exercises or physical therapy usually is effective, although occasionally surgical treament is needed to get rid of the pain. Cortisone shots can offer short-term relief, but the long-term effectiveness is debated. For more information please click here.



Little Leaguer’s Elbow is a painful overuse/stretch injury to the medial (inside) aspect of the elbow caused by too much throwing, typically in adolescent pitchers. It usually is painful during and after throwing activities and is worse with increased activity. The treatment is rest, ice, and a gradual, structured return to throwing over several weeks, although observing recommended pitch counts will help avoid the injury in the first place. For more information please click here.