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Partial Knee Replacement



This 62-year-old man had debilitating knee pain which he described as “having a screwdriver being driven into” his knee. He underwent an arthroscopic knee surgery which showed a cartilage tear as well as arthritis isolated to the medial (inside) compartment of his knee. The arthroscopic surgery gave him several months of relief, but then the pain recurred.



This patient underwent a uni-condylar (partial) knee replacement. When arthritis is isolated to one area of the knee, sometimes a partial knee replacement is indicated. This can be advantageous because the surgery retains more of the natural structures of the knee, allowing it to function more normally than after a total (complete) knee replacement. The surgery is also less invasive than a total knee replacement, which can make recovery easier for the patient. Dr. Kuhn uses the Oxford knee, which has a mobile bearing which simulates normal knee mechanics and has a 30-year history of success in Europe. This patient experienced excellent pain relief and has no activity restrictions.



An x-ray shows “bone-on-bone” changes consistent with complete wearing away of the joint surface cartilage in the medial knee.