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Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty (Hip Replacement)



– A 65-year-old woman had increasing and debilitating hip pain and had noticed an increasing difference in the length of her legs. She was now unable to stand or walk for more than a couple of minutes due to severe pain. Hip replacement was recommended.


– X-ray shows severe arthritis with a shallow acetabulum (hip socket) and a nearly dislocated hip joint.



– Post-operative x-ray shows hip replacement with restoration of leg length. Note the use of bone cement around the femoral component.


– Hip replacement is a good option for patients with severe hip pain from arthritis. Hip replacement can often correct deformity as well as relieve pain. In this woman with osteoporosis, the femoral side of the hip replacement was cemented in place, which is often a good choice for elderly patients and those with poor bone quality.