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Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

In the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) to the hip we develop the plane between the sartoious muscle and the tensor fascia lata muscle. Minimal muscle tissue is damaged, so post-operative pain is minimized, the hospitalization is shortened, and the rehabilitation is accelerated in comparison to approaches during which there is greater muscle injury. Because the approach is from the front, there is very low risk of posterior hip dislocation, and no dislocation precautions are necessary.


With any surgical approach, ultimately the long term success of hip replacement surgery is determined by the position, fit, and fixation of the artificial components. The visualization of the anatomy using DAA, and the ability to use intra-operative imaging allow us to implant the artificial hip with greater confidence than with approaches that don’t allow use of live imaging. Another distinct advantage of DAA over posterior and anterolateral approaches (other popular choices) is the ability to compare leg lengths during the operation, minimizing the chances of ending up with a leg length discrepancy, which is a complication that can compromise an otherwise good result.