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Narcotic Policy

The providers at MaineOrtho recognize that many of our patients suffer significant pain from their orthopaedic injuries and ailments, and we strive to help them be as comfortable as possible. Narcotic pain medicines are often appropriately prescribed to alleviate pain, and are very helpful in this role. Unfortunately narcotic pain medications are subject to overuse and abuse and therefore require oversight in their use and prescription. To that end we have developed the following guidelines to govern narcotic prescription writing:


Narcotics will be prescribed, as appropriate, by the providers at MaineOrtho for a reasonable period only following an injury or operation. The duration of use is at the discretion of the prescribing provider


Narcotic prescriptions will not be provided on weekends, holidays, or after business hours. If you anticipate running out of your prescription over one of these time periods you must contact your provider by lunchtime the day prior.


Narcotics will not be prescribed to any patient who has demonstrated abuse of prescriptions written by us, or deception or dishonesty with respect to narcotic prescriptions