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How Much Will It Cost

We at Maine Orthopaedic Center want to help you understand what your treatment here is likely to cost. It is difficult to know exactly what the cost will be for any one individual, because reimbursement amounts to a physician by an insurance company are based on rates negotiated with the insurance company, and those rates are different for different insurance plans. Also, how much of the bill you, the patient, are responsible for varies tremendously based on your particular plan’s co-pays and deductibles.


New patient visit, expanded (99202) $170.00
New patient visit, detailed (99203) $247.00
New patient visit, comprehensive (99204) $378.00
Established patient visit, focused (99212) $100.00
Established patient visit, expanded (99213) $166.00
Established patient visit, detailed (99214) $245.00
X-ray hip, 2 views (73510) $94.00
X-ray knee, 3 views (73562) $90.00
X-ray shoulder, 2 views (73030) $74.00
Injection/aspiration major joint (20610) $164.00
Trigger finger injection (20550) $134.00
Carpal tunnel injection (20526) $172.00
Total Knee Replacement (27447) $3,630.00
Total Hip Replacement (27130) $3,398.00
Total Shoulder Replacement (23472) $3,523.00
CMC Arthroplasty of the Thumb (25447) $1,557.00
Trigger Finger Release (26055) $700.00
Carpal Tunnel Release (64721) $999.00
Knee arthroscopy with menisectomy (29881) $1,232.00
Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction (29888) $2,352.00
Shoulder arthroscopy with debridement (29823) $1,432.00
Shoulder arthroscopy with rotator cuff repair (29827) $2,459.00
Open repair chronic rotator cuff tear (23412) $2,026.00

Of course, the total cost of care, including hospital and other costs, is also very important. Below are listed the total cost (including hospital fees, rehabilitation, etc. for 30 days before and 90 days following the surgery) for our most commonly performed surgical services, and for comparison, the average total cost of the same services when performed by our statewide colleagues*.


Procedure Maineorth Cost State of Maine average cost
Knee arthroscopy with meniscectomy $6,087.00 $10,060.00
Carpal tunnel release $5,842.00 $8,352.25
Total hip replacement $34,148.00 $35,177.00
Total knee replacement $38,3439.75 $43,173.25

*This data provided by the Maine Health Data Organization. These are average costs for the years 2009-2012, the latest available.