Case Study - Press-Fit Total Hip Arthroplasty (Hip Replacement)


- A 51-year-old man suffered from bilateral hip pain, worsening over 4 years. The pain was so severe it prevented him from climbing stairs or working. Hip replacement was recommended.

- X-ray shows severe arthritis with complete loss of cartilage with bone-on-bone changes and extensive cyst formation.


- Post-operative x-rays show hip replacement with a ceramic-bearing surface and press-fit components in the acetabulum (socket) and femur.

- In younger and more active patients, longevity of the hip replacement is a primary concern. Alternative bearing surfaces, such as ceramic, are likely to enhance survival of the hip replacement. Press-fit components, which are stabilized in the bone by actually having the bone grow onto the prosthesis, have proved to have excellent long-term survivorship and are usually used in younger patients. This patient experienced excellent pain relief and is "looking forward to a new life".